10 Highlights sailing area Brandenburg

In 2019 Yachtcharter De Drait is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the boating area Brandenburg-Berlin. In this sailing area Yachtcharter De Drait is renting out 16 motorboats from Brandenburg an der Havel, see here for the fleet overview. Because of this ten-year anniversary, we have listed the ten most beautiful highlights of the Brandenburg sailing area especially for you.


(10) Berlin

Sights in Berlin - television tower

Berlin is a city with countless possibilities. Since 1990, Berlin has developed into a modern city with a rich culture. The 368-meter-high television tower (Fernsehturm) is a well-known eye-catcher of Berlin. The Brandenburger tower is the only preserved city gate, which symbolizes reunited Berlin. The former border crossing in Friedrichstraße, Checkpoint Charlie, was the only possibility for foreigners to travel between east and west Berlin. Nowadays, Checkpoint Charlie is a tourist attraction.


(9) Tangermünde

Tangermünde sights in Brandenburg

Explore the winding Elbe with its beautiful natural scenery and the long-drawn-out landscape and forests. Tangermünde is located by the Elbe, where the river Tanger flows into the Elbe. A historic small town with many historic buildings, museum, towers and a network of alleys. Moorings for yachts are in the harbour of Tangermünde.

(8) Magdeburg

Magdeburg - Sightseeing

A visit to Magdeburg is worth it. On the one hand you can go shop here and on the other hand you can visit a concert in the historic monastery. Here you can also bring a visit to the characteristic Dom. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy swimming and relaxing in Nautica di Wasserwelt.


(7) Oranienburg

Oranienburg - sights in Brandenburg Berlin

Oranienburg has a strong historical bound with the Dutch royal family. The Brandenburg elector Friedrich Wilhelm and princess Louise Henriette of Orange got married in 1646. The city is listed in the Orange Route and lies by the water way from Berlin to the Mecklenburg lake area and Baltic Sea. The marina, located in the middle of the city, lies on a beautiful castle garden with orangery.


(6) Museuminsel Berlin

Museuminsel Berlin

Although Berlin as a whole is a highlight in this list, Museum Island consists of various museums that are certainly worth a visit. At this island you will find the Old Museum (archeology), the New Museum (Egyptian architecture), Pergamon Museum (arceology), Bode Museum (sculptures) and the old National Gallery (art from the 19th century). The island is surrounded by the Spree river and therefore it can easily reach by boat. Since 1999 this island belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. In short, an island that is certainly worth a visit due to its wealth of culture, history and contemporary art.


(5) Nature park Westhavelland

Nature in Brandenburg-Berlin

This nature park is located around the Havel river and is a mix of forests and lakes. The beautiful flood plains and wetlands offer a special driving experience. This wet pond area is an ideal resting place for water birds, but there is also the possibility to see otters, beavers or the white-tailed eagle. Spectacular is the dark night sky above this nature park. The park’s visitor centre is in Milow. This nature park is located at the licence free route to Havelberg.


(4) Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow

Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow

The Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow is with 60 meter the biggest and oldest working boat lift in Germany. The lift serves as a link between the waterways Oder, Havel and Elbe. Due to a unique lift, it is possible to transport ships until 1250 tonnes to a height of 35 meters within 5 minutes. When you arrive on the top, you will see a breath-taking view. The boat lift is located between Eberswalde and Oderberg which are as well worth a visit.


(3) Reichstag (Goverment building)

Goverment building Berlin Reichstag

The parliament building is also well worth a visit. Nowadays, it is still an important building because the parliament is still operating. The beautiful architecture is impressive to see. Because the parliament is located here, the building can only be visited on reservation. More info… 


(2) Holländisches Viertel

Sights in Potsdam

In Potsdam you can find a small piece of Holland. The Holländische Viertel (Dutch district) was built in the 18th century by the architect Jan Bouwman. Between 1734 and 1742, Dutch workers were brought to Potsdam and they constructed the area in a Dutch style which is recognisable due to the red brick houses and typical Dutch stepped gables. On the main street you can find numerous cafes, restaurants and stores. There is also a Museum which gives more information about the history and also displays a conceptual design of the district.


(1) Schloss Sanssouci, Potsdam

Sanssouci palace

In Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg-Berlin, one can find the extraordinary Schloss Sanssouci. This beautiful castle which belonged to Frederik dem Großen was built in the 18th century. This palace in French-Italian Rococo style, is with its beautiful gardens, temples and vineyards definitely the number one on this highlights list of Brandenburg. The palace has an overwhelming beauty, what gave him the possibility to escape the hectic in Berlin and come to rest. His love for the nature, wine, music and philosophy is nowadays still visible in the castle. The castle and its surrounding parks and palaces are since 1990 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Sailing area Brandenburg-Berlijn

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to discover the highlights of the Brandenburg sailing area yourself? On this page (click here) you will find more information about this boating area.