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The perfect way to discover Friesland is to drive by boat. To make your boating holiday even more comfortable, we offer a lot of additional services. How do you think about to discover the beautiful, small waterways that only can be reached by canoe or dinghy? Or do you want to go fishing in the Frisian lakes, we have a special fising weeklicence available. Or maybe you want to discover the Frisian cities or metropolis Berlin by bike. Almost all services are available in both Friesland and Brandenburg. Take a look at the possibilities for additional services to see what fits for you.


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Bicycle: ( € 5 day, € 30 week)These citybikes are suitable for both men or women. The bikes are easy to take with you on board and usefull to explore the area were you have moored.
Set towels: ( € 7)3 pieces
Bedding: ( € 18)Bedding includes; duvet, sheet, duvet cover and pillow cover (pillows are standard on board). If you order the bedding before you arrive, we will make the bed. You can also order the bedding at check-in, but than you have to make the beds yourself.
Blanket ( € 8)Single blanket so you only have to bring own bedding.
Parking hall: ( € 25)You can park your car in our closed, isolated hall. Near our charterboulevard, there is also a parking lot (open air, with gate) where you can park for free.
Fishing licence: ( € 10)During your boating holiday it is the perfect moment to go fishing. You need a special licence for fishing. We have this weeklicence available.
Life jacket: ( € 5)Safety is important on the water. You can choose to have life jackets on board, but they are not required. We have life jacket for children (from 3-10 kg) and adults. If you sail in Zone 2 (IJsselmeer, Waddensee and other large rivers and waters), life jackets are obligated.
Collision damage waiver: ( € 95 motor yachts, € 72 other boats and € 50 for sloops by day rental)If you take this insurance, you are guarateed for ship damage you incur during your trip. In any case you receive you deposit back. Take note that the deposit always have to be paid.
The insurance covers no damage incured at sailing on the large waters (IJsselmeer, Waddensee, Markermeer etc.)
Cancellation fund (5% from NET rental price)Untill 7 days after the booking date you can decide to join our cancellation fund.
Console boat: ( € 345)A dinghy with steering console. Easy to take with you behind the yacht.
Dinshy: ( € 175)Dinsghy with outboard engine. Easy to take with you behind the yacht.
Charterpackage (Zone 2): ( € 30)For the experienced Skipper, we offer the possibility to sail on the large waters (Zone 2), like IJsselmeer, Waddenzee, Markermeer etc. You only are allowed to sail in Zone 2 if permission is given by Yachtcharter De Drait. The charterpackage includes; hydrografic maps, compass, emergency signal, atlas with tides and binoculars. Doerakken, Sloepen, BunBos and Safari Houseboats are not allowed on Zone 2.
Dog on board: ( € 30)Dogs are allowed on board of our yachts.
1-person canoe ( € 20 per day / € 90 per week)Discover the small rivers and beautiful nature by canoe.
2-person canoe (€ 25 per day / € 110 per week)Double fun! Discover the environment together. Succes guaranteed!
Canadian canoe (30 per day / € 110 per week)This is a traditional open canoe with room for 2-4 persons.
SUP-Board ( € 20 a day / € 90 per week)Stand-up paddling is a nice and active type of watersports to apply on the Friese lakes.
Skippertraining ( € 90)For the unexperienced skipper we offer a Skippertraining where you will learn how to drive the boat. Also a thearetical part of the training is included. If there are more applications, it can be possible that the Skippertraining will take place on the next morning. Minimum of 2 hours.
Breakfast service (SS/ € 10 p,p.)After (or before) enjoying your boating vacation or spend a night at one of our yachts you can also enjoy our breakfast service in our Captains Lounge.