Extra measures

Update, 17 March 2022

On this page, you will find the latest developments regarding the coronavirus and the extra measures that apply to a boating holiday at Yachtcharter De Drait in the Netherlands as well as Germany.

The situation in Friesland (the Netherlands)

Despite the corona measures it is possible to enjoy a carefree boating holiday without any restrictions in the Netherlands. For the current situation in the Netherlands, you can visit the website of the National Government (Rijksoverheid) in English.

  • Are you traveling to the Netherlands from abroad? Please check before your travel which rules apply to you on the website of the Dutch government: Rijksoverheid. There are no additional entry restrictions for most countries.
  • People who are fully vaccinated, have proof of recovery or a negative test result can travel to the Netherlands, but they must be able to show proof. For more information check Rijksoverheid.
  • Are you traveling abroad from the Netherlands after your boating holiday at Yachtcharter De Drait? Then you can have yourself tested before your journey. For more information check the following website Rijksoverheid. On this website, you can find more information about making a test appointment in The Netherlands.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in public transport and airports.
  • All locations accessible to the public, indoors and outdoors, are open.
  • Anyone going to a major event must show a negative test result (1G). More information: click here.
  • From 25 February, the corona ticket will no longer be used in the Netherlands for access to, for example, catering.

The Situation in Germany

The corona code for Germany is green. You need a corona certificate when entering Germany. The validity of the proof of recovery is 90 days. Read the entire travel advice to see what this means for you.

  • If you are traveling from the Netherlands to Germany, you need a corona certificate. Take the (digital) corona proof with you when you travel. You may need to show this before or during your trip. Without a (digital) vaccination, recovery certificate, or forgetting to register, you must immediately go in quarantine upon arrival in Germany.
  • A corona proof can be your digital vaccination, recovery or negative test proof from the Coronacheck App. View the conditions here! 
  • In Germany, the domestic corona measures are being relaxed. The 2G+ obligation for retail has been abolished. In many other locations, this or the 2G scheme will continue to exist. Relaxations for, for example, hotels, catering and nightlife have only been announced before the beginning of March. The measures taken differ per state. Always read before departure which rules apply to the place you are going to. Or what you are traveling through.
  • In Germany, the 2G rule means that you must show a vaccination or recovery certificate. 2G+ means that, in addition to a vaccination or recovery certificate, you must show that you have had a booster or have tested negative. Can’t you show this? Then you will not be able to access certain locations.
  • In some cases, the 3G rule also applies, which means that you must be able to show an antigen test (maximum 24 hours old) or a PCR test (maximum 48 hours old) if you cannot provide a vaccination or recovery certificate. The 3G rule applies also to public transport (including by train or plane to and within Germany).
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in public places, shops, public transport, stations, and airports for everyone over 13 years old.
  • Keep a 1,5-meter distance.

For the current situation in Germany, we refer to the website of the Netherlands Worldwide (Rijksoverheid).

The situation in Brandenburg (Germany)

The following restrictions currently apply in Germany, the boating area Brandenburg, and Mecklenburg-VorpommernBe aware: These measures are subject to change and we advise you to consult the relevant websites before your trip for any changes. If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Extra measures at De Drait

The office is open during regular opening times. We would love to answer all your questions by phone or Email. When you come to visit our office, marina, or charter location, we have some measures and we have adjusted our policy regarding the 1,5-meter distance. We will also not shake hands and ask you to disinfect your hands before entering our office.

When you have rented a boat from us:

  • If you come to check-in, we ask one person to come to the desk.
  • Also, our sailing instructions will be given to a maximum of one person.
  • We request that you transfer your payments and/or the deposit to us by the bank before your boating holiday. Alternatively, you can also pay the deposit with your bank card before departure.
  • During your stay on board, we ask you to ventilate properly and to use disinfectants.
  • If you need assistance on board from one of our employees, we ask you to keep a distance from our employee while he is working on board.
  • Currently, it is possible to use the toilets and showers in our marina.

Marina activities, yacht service, and yachtcharter will continue regarding the additional measures. If you have any questions about anything, please call +31 (0) 512 513276 or email contact@dedrait.com for Drachten Friesland or call +49 3381604590 or via brandenburg@dedrait.com, if you have booked a boating holiday in Brandenburg (Germany).

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