Extra measures

Update, Thursday, 28th of May 2020

In response to the development of the coronavirus, we have tightened our precautionary measures. Our focus is the wellbeing of our customers and employees.

Situation in Friesland (the Netherlands)

From the 1st of July, the guidelines are eased in the Netherlands during the summer period. For the current infromation and the regulations in the Netherlands you will find on the website of the National Government (Rijksoverheid) and RIVM in English as well. It is mandatory to keep 1.5 meters between people from different households. Stay home with colds and wash your hands as often as possible. The measures have also been eased in restaurants, museums, cafés, and other public places. Wearing a mouth mask is not mandatory in the Netherlands. The only exception is for traveling by public transport or as advice when several people from different households travel together in one car. Young people up to the age of 12 do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between themselves and adults. For young people up to and including the age of 18, it is not compulsory to keep a distance from one another, but an adult is. Persons from one household do not have to keep their distance. From June 15 it is also possible to use the sanitary facilities in various marinas. From May 1, all bridges and locks in Friesland will be operated again according to normal operating times.

Situation in Brandenburg (Germany)

Currently, the following contact restrictions apply in the boating area Brandenburg -Berlin in Germany. It is mandatory to keep 1.5 meters between people from different households. 1 haushold per cabin. Shops are opened and wearing a mask is mandatory. The sanitary facilities in the marinas are open, only showers cannot be used. Restaurants and playgrounds are open until 10 pm. These locations can be visit without wearing a mask.

These measures are subject to change and we advise you to consult the relevant websites prior to your trip for any changes.

Situation at De Drait

The office is opened during regular opening times. We would love to answer all your questions by phone or Email. When you come to visit our office, marina or charter location, we have some measures and we have adjusted our policy regarding the 1,5-meter distance. We will also not shake hands and ask you to disinfect your hands before entering our office:

Do you want to visit us? please take the following in mind:

  • During a visit, we ask you to keep a distance of 1.5 meter and not to gather on our site with a large group;
  • If you have symptoms of flu, we ask you to stay at home;
  • At this time, it is possible to use the toilets and showers in our marina;
  • When you arrive at our marina, please call +31 512 513276 in Friesland or +49 3381604590 in Brandenburg and ask if the boat is ready. Then follow the instructions of our employees;
  • If you come to check-in, we ask one person to come to the desk;
  • Also, our sailing instructions will be given to a maximum of one person;
  • We request that you transfer your payments and/or the deposit to us by bank prior to your boating holiday. Alternatively you can also pay the deposit with your bank card before departure.
  • During your stay on board, we ask you to ventilate properly and to use disinfectants;
  • If you need assistance on board from one of our employees, we ask you to keep a distance from our employee while he is working on board.

Marina activities, yacht service, and yachtcharter will continue regarding the additional measures. If you have any questions about anything, please call +31 (0) 512 513276 or email info@dedrait.com for Drachten Friesland or call +49 3381604590 or via brandenburg@dedrait.com, if you have a booked a boating holiday in Brandenburg (Germany).

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