Start Watersport season at Yacht Charter De Drait

Friesland has been a well known holiday destination for years now. Because of the many lakes, canals and the cozy cities and villages near the water and the many activities, Friesland is inviting itself to be discovered by boat. Now when spring comes and nature is awakening from its hibernation, that is the moment when watersporters get Goosebumps to get onto the water again. On Friday the 3rd of March the watersport season already starts at Yacht Charter De Drait in Drachten and Woudsend. 

At both locations, our Cutter- and motoryachts are already prepared for take off and invitingly await for the first watersports enthusiast in Friesland. Sailing in spring is becoming more and more popular among both domestic and international tourists. From our both departure locations in Friesland, several well-known watersports places are easy to reach by boat and due to the continuous bridge operations in the Province of Friesland, many sailing routes are navigable the whole year.

Sailing in spring: 20% discount on the rental price

Do you want to enjoy sailing in spring by yourself? Besides taking a profit of the 20% discount on the rental price, you can take advantage of many other things, such as the tranquility of the water. Did you know that you can sail from both our locations due to the fact that many bridges are operated throughout the whole year? On board you are provided with all comforts, like a complete kitchen with inventory to prepare a delicious meal on board, heating, running water, shower and toilet. Mooring while being independent of shore power? Choose a boat with a generator!

Rental Fleet Germany: Expansion of sailing area

On Friday the 24th of March the Motoryachts of Yacht Charter De Drait Brandenburg will  take-off for the two-week One-way-tour from Friesland to Brandenburg, near Berlin. The past winter these yachts have been under maintenance on our own shipyard in Drachten and Woudsend and are prepared for the upcoming watersport season in Brandenburg.

New this year is the One-way-tour from Friesland to the popular watersports area the Müritz in the region Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany. Starting from this watersports season there will be ten motor boats available as well besides the Campi houseboats. Due to the high accessibility for watersporters this area is also known as the ‘Friesland’ of Germany.

Do you want to rent a boat in one of our sailing area’s, Brandenburg-Berlin or Röbel/Müritz in Germany? Check our booking calendar and use our ‘search & book’ option to look for the possibilities. Did you know that a boating license is not obligatory in both areas to rent a boat?

One way Tours Friesland – Germany

Do you want to sail a boat from Friesland to Germany in spring or from Germany to Friesland in autumn? More information about our one-way-tours can be found here. Feel free to reach out with questions about the availability via

Yachtcharter De Drait

With a charter fleet of over 100 motor boats and houseboats divided over 4 locations in both Friesland and Germany, Yacht Charter De Drait is one of the largest providers in boating holidays. On Saturday the 1st of April, De Drait in Drachten is organizing an Open Day and on Saturday the 15th of April in Brandenburg/Havel. You can take part in the trail runs with our boats and diverse other activities.

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