Unique overnight stay at De Drait marina in Drachten

Choose to stay in Friesland and book an overnight stay at one of the accommodations in Jachthaven De Drait.

Friesland is an interesting destination. The summer tourists make way for new guests who enjoy the space, the region, the villages and the 11 cities.
Each region has its own specialties which are well worth a visit.

Of course you can also relax at Jachthaven De Drait, read a book or just spend the night. From 15 November to 15 March the ships can no longer sail. The boats are prepared for hibernation in the harbour and are connected to the facilities such as: water, electricity and waste water system.

The accommodations:
Campi Houseboats:
9.00 meters long x 3.00 meters wide.
1 bedroom with 2 + 3 beds.
Lovely living room with open kitchen.
Comfortable heating, shower and toilet.
Terrace downstairs and roof terrace.

Bunbo, Bungalow boats:
11.80 meters long x 4.85 meters wide.
2 bedrooms with 4+2 sleeping places.
Living room with open kitchen.
Wood stove.
Lovely sheltered terrace downstairs.

Prices see unique overnight stay on a yacht.

Combine your overnight stay with Carp Boats

Do you like to go on fishing trips? Combine your overnight stay with renting a fishing boat from Carp Boats Friesland. With this boat you can reach countless beautiful fishing locations. Perhaps you will hook the catch of a lifetime.

Renting the boat costs € 100,- per day (maximum 2 persons) and the deposit is € 125,-. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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