Boat Licence

Boat LicenceRenting a motorboat at Yachtcharter De Drait is for beginners as well as for more experienced boaters suitable. We offer various possibilities for boaters without a boat licence, in Holland and in Germany.


In Holland, a boat licence is not necessary in order to drive one of our motor yachts. A licence is only requested if the boat is longer than 15 m and if it can drive faster than 20 km/h. For beginners we offer different tours through the Frisian lake district. Before you start the tour, you will also get an instruction over the boat. Depending on the level of experience, the instruction includes an explanation of the routes, navigation and buoyage. We offer also routes for the experienced skippers which go along the Ijsselmeer and wadden sea. For these tours, experience and knowledge about navigation and tides are required. To sail this tours, you have to hold a boat licence.

Vaarbewijs Nederland - Duitsland Boat Licence


Normally a boat licence is required on every waterway in Germany. However, there are some regions where this boat licence is not needed and where you can drive with a ‘Charterschein’. One of the regions is the 200 km long river Havel. This river floats between Brandenburg and Havelberg. The ‘Charterschein’ is intended for water sports enthusiasts who would like to rent a boat for a limited time but do not have a boat licence. It is an advanced instruction for the boat and water sports in general. The instruction includes a theoretical (driving and behavioural rules) as well as a practical part (mooring, departing of the boat, technique, how to tie a knot etc.). The ‘Charterschein’ only valid for the particular charter period.


Boat Licence

Skipper training

We organise a skipper training for unexperienced and experienced skippers. Before your boat vacation you can follow a driving lesson. After this lesson you can start your holidays without worries.


It is anyways advisable to have some knowledge about watersport before you start your boat vacation. That is why the skipper training could be good in combination with boat licence course. In this course, the following topics will be dealt with: driving rules, security on board, technique and information about weather conditions. If you finish the course successful, you will receive the boat licence part 1. At this moment we do not yet offer this course. Are you interested? Than contact Yachtcharter De Drait.