Boating in spring

Enjoy a boating holiday in spring

Would you like to enjoy a boating holiday this spring, but are you still a bit hesitant about booking? If you book a boating holiday at Yachtcharter De Drait, you will get an early bird discount of 5% on the rent rate if you book before January 31st 2022, and we also give a flexible rebooking guarantee.

The excitement and anticipation of a boating holiday is at least as fun as the holiday itself! To make sure you will not have to worry and the excitement can already start, we offer the possibility to postpone your holiday if it is not possible to go on your boating holiday because of COVID-19 measures. In short: no worries! 

If you book a boating holiday at Yachtcharter De Drait in either Drachten or Woudsend (Netherlands, Friesland), or Brandenburg (Germany), you can once postpone and rebook your holiday, free of charge. 

Varen in het voorjaar Voorjaarsvaren Voorjaarsvaren

Flexible rebooking guarantee

If you book a boating holiday in spring before February 28th 2022 with Yachtcharter De Drait in Drachten, Woudsend or Brandenburg, with a departure date between 4th March 2022 and 29th April 2022, our flexible rebooking guarantee is applicable. This means that if you cannot go on your holiday because of COVID-19 measures, you can postpone your holiday to a different period in 2022. It is possible to postpone your holiday up to one day before departure! This way, you can look forward to your boating holiday without any worries, and the excitement and anticipation can already start.

Why sail in spring?

Spring ensures a wonderful experience on the water. You can experience the serenity of the water during this season, the beautiful views and authentic towns and villages. In spring you can explore the Frisian lake area or the lakes in the Brandenburg area in peace. There are plenty of opportunities to moor your boat and you can enjoy the awakening of nature around you. This time of year is an ideal time to sail for lovers of nature and tranquility, for photographers and also for inexperienced skippers. Because there is not much traffic yet, and therefore plenty of space, spring is the perfect time to get acquainted with watersports and to gain sailing experience. Below, you will find more advantages to sailing in pre-season. 

Advantages of sailing in spring:

  • Because of the open waterways, it is possible to go anywhere in both our sailing areas, without being hindered by any bridges or locks. Also, we will provide you with a list of open marinas and operated bridges, so that sailing in spring becomes an even more relaxing experience. Before departure, we always give information and advice about the boat and sailing routes, to ensure a pleasant tour. 
  • It is quiet on the canals and lakes: a great opportunity for lovers of nature and peace and quiet, and also for inexperienced skippers to enjoy some time on the water. 
  • The rising temperatures ensure a pleasant time on the water. Nature awakens again after winter, in all its beauty: there are for example lovely sunrises, the mystical sight of morning dew and awakening animals. 
  • Most of our motor yachts, Kotter yachts and houseboats are fully equipped, with e.g. heating, running water and electricity. There are even boats available with a generator, which means you can moor even in places where no electricity is available at the berths.

Varen in het voorjaar marrekrite foto Campi 300 Houseboat

Boating holiday at De Drait

Yachtcharter De Drait has a diverse fleet, consisting of over 100 boats. We have two unique charter locations in the Netherlands and one charter location in Germany. Whether you want to do a romantic tour with your partner, or if you are looking to rent a boat for a relaxed boating holiday with your family, friends, sports team or colleagues, Yachtcharter De Drait has many options to choose from. We offer motor boats, Kotter yachts, sloops and houseboats for rent, for 2 to even 14 persons. 

Our booking tool and booking calendar make it easy to book the boat of your choice easily online. It is also possible to make a request by phone or email. If you cannot go on your boating holiday because of current COVID-19 measures*, you can rebook your holiday without any extra charge, to a period later in 2022. Rebooking is possible until the day prior to the original departure date.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about an offer or the availability of a yacht, please contact us via or call us on +31 (0) 512513276. Our office is open on weekdays from 09:00-17:00, and on Saturdays from 09:00-16:00. We gladly advise you about yachts, sailing routes and so on.

* Terms and conditions for boating in spring:

  • These terms and conditions are valid for bookings made between January 11th and February 28th 2022;
  • Your boating holiday starts between March 4th and April 29th 2022;
  • Not valid for existing bookings or bookings made earlier and/or if other arrangements have been made with Yachtcharter De Drait;
  • Only valid if the down payment has been made within the agreed time frame (7 days after booking);
  • Rebooking is only possible between 1-14 days prior to the departure date, and depends on the current COVID-19 measures in the country where the boating holiday will take place and the home country of the client. Always check the current COVID-19 measures on the official website of the government;
  • When postponing and rebooking the boating holiday to a different period in 2022, the rental price for the newly chosen period is applicable. Any difference in price for the newly chosen rental period will have to be paid. 
  • Our regular terms and conditions apply.
  • You are free to choose which period you would like to rebook to, depending on availability. 
  • This promotion is only valid on bookings made directly with Yachtcharter De Drait, without the intervention of other parties.
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