Boating in spring

By boating in Spring one can enjoy the beautiful waters. Furthermore, experience the silence of it as well as the broad view over the waters.

However, Boating in spring give you the opportunity to explore all waters in pace and peace. There are no busy harbours nor full canals. Therefore, you have a lof of space to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna. In addition, you can choose for berthing in the middle of nature. Our boats are comfortable and suitable for every season. Furthermore, you can choose between a standard family boat and a premium boat. Our premium boats for instance are equipped with a generator, central heating, high quality isolation and dubble glazing.

The demand is growing, because of its pace and the possibility to berth everywhere. Outside tourism season the perception of the cities, villages and nature is also different. The popularity of boating in spring keeps increasing due to:


  • The awaking of the nature. A pleasure for nature- lovers because of the diverse and rich landscapes friesland has to offer. We suggest to visit National Park De Alde Feanen due to its awaking nature and diverse fauna
  • Departing marina De Drait there is an open ferry connection (without bridges) to popular watersport ports in the frisian waters (Drachten, Wijde Ee, Kromme Ee, Wijde Ee/ Grou, Pikmeer). All bridges in Friesland are opening on demand : 0031582925925 (between Monday and Saturday). Please click here for the complete overview of the opening hours of the bridges outside the season. Nevertheless, you can always try to ask for the opening of certain bridges- it is always worth trying it.
  • From Brandenburg it is also easy to depart because all banks are open as well
  • Our ships are equipped well in order to fullfil your boating vacation: central heating, isolation, great battery capacity, generator and a bimini.
  • Boating in pace and silence is also very suitable for beginning skipper
  • Flexible departure dates on demand
  • attractive prices


Special Offer Boating in spring

If you book your boating holiday for March or April, you become directly a 20% Spring discount.* Book now.


Experience the spring on water

Who expect boating in spring as boring got it wrong. In both our boating locations you can discover and berth a lot of different locations as well as join different cultural events. Even though Leeuwarden was Culture Capital 2018, in 2019 there are also a lot of different cultural activites planned and organized. Are you a nature-lover? Why don’t you explore National Park De Alde Feanen? There is a lot to discover and also fun for children. Moreover, the weather also gets better and warmer. In both 2017 and 2018 we already had a lot of warm days. Therefore, we highly recommend boating in spring. Everything is possible: On one hand you can enjoy the sun and a deep blue sky and on the other hand you can experience a fresh breeze and rain. In other words: Boating in spring is very various.


Route Friesland

Drachten – Eernewoude, Grou, Sneek, Heeg, Woudsend, Sloten – Lemmer

Drachten: The coffee is set and the heating is already warming up the boat. Furthermore, on board you will receive an instruction and if wished a test drive.

Drachten, Wijde Ee, Hooidamssloot, Eernewoude
Berthing: Hotel Princenhof, jachthaven Eernewoude, jachthaven Westerdijk Eernewoude, Folkertssloot, Grou
Berthing: Oostergo, Theehuis, Jachthaven
Grou, Prinses Margrietkanaal, Sneekermeer, Sneek
Berthing: De Domp, Sneeker jachthaven
Sneek, Prinses Margrietkanaal, Johan Frisokanaal, Heeg
Berthing: Heech bij de Mar, jachthaven Gouden Bodem
Heeg, Woudsend, Woudsend, Johan Frisokanaal, Prinses Margrietkanaal, Riensloot, Brandemeer, Sloten
Berthing: jachthaven en stad
Sloten, Brandemeer, Prinses Margrietkanaal, Lemmer
Berthing: Hotel Iselmar, binnenhaven Lemmer
Lemmer, Drachten
Stopping by:
Langweer, Terherne, Grou, eindpunt Drachten.

In most of the marinas it is possible to get shore-side power as well as fill your watertank on demand.

The suitable boat for you

Would you like to receive information about a suitable boat for you and your crew? Your crew will be our base to determine and suggest a suitable boat. Get in contact with us and we will create non-bining possibilities. You can write an email via [email protected] or give us a call 0031512513276. We are looking forward hearing from you and welcome you on board.


*The special offer for boating in spring can not be combined with any other special offers.
* The offer is valid for bookings with a check-in date between 01.03.2019 untill 11.04.2019.
* The boats: Drachtster Sloep (also the Electric sloep) and Drachtster Sloep Cabin are excluded from the campaign
* Discount is valid for the regular periods (week, midweek, weekend).