Flotilla Sailing

Are you looking for a unique trip with your own or a rented boat? Choose our new concept: Flotilla sailing!

Flotilla sailing is sailing with several boats in a group. We will be sailing via the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, towards Belgium and back. Together with at least 7 other ships and an experienced captain we sail to Lemmer, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Maastricht, Arnhem and back to Drachten.

Experience this unique event too – it could just be that your place is already forgiven. Also, this has never been organized in the Netherlands before!

You will receive detailed information about the preparations and things you need to do to make you and your boat ready for depature. During the trip, different subjects will be discussed, such as locks and VHF radio. You start your unique flotilla holiday from our marina in Friesland. Here, we gather together and sail through the Netherlands and Belgium, following a unique route.

The route

We start our route in our home port in Drachten. On 15-05-2020 we gather here in the Captains Lounge. From here, we sail to Lelystad / Urk. Then, we sail to Amsterdam. After visiting the capital, we sail via Gouda, Rotterdam, Willemstad, Antwerp, Bocholt, Maastricht, Roermond, Cuijk, Wijk bij Duurstede, Arnhem, Zwolle / Kampen and Lemmer back to Drachten.

Extra information

  • Our very first flotilla trip is planned for the period of May 15 – June 6, 2020.
  • Participating costs are € 1800.– , if you participate with your own boat.
  • Renting one of our boats is also possible 
  • We will sail with a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 other boats.
  • A VHF certificate is required, a navigation license is not required.

Terms and Conditions

  • Moorings and sailing routes are arranged. Rental price berth must still be paid.
  • One of our experienced captains sails first. He knows the route like the back of his hand, also regarding locks.
  • Due to weather conditions, we can decide to deviate from the aforementioned route. This is always communicated.
  • The minimum number of boats that must participate is 7. If this number is not met, we reserve the right to cancel the flotilla holiday.
  • Full = full.
  • Sailing is under your own responsibility.
  • Insurance is mandatory for your own boat. Tenants can arrange insurance through the lessor.

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