Inventory list

All boats from De Drait are equipped with a complete inventory. Here you find the inventory list of several boats. On board you can find all important inventories for the number of people which the boats are made for.  You only need to bring sleeping bags, bedding and towels. In Drachten there are pillows standard on board and in Brandenburg pillows and blankets. Additionally, we also offer you the possibility to book various extras (click here). You do not need to worry about anything. Furthermore, you can also find the almanac, the police rules, board book and nautical cards from Friesland, Groningen/Drenthe and North-West Overijssel. 

On this page you can find an overview of the on the inventory of the following boats:

* Bungalowboat
* Doerak
* SloepCabin

This page is still under construction. In the upcoming time, the page will be further expanded with information.