Leeuwarden the Cultural capital of 2018

Leeuwarden the Cultural capital of 2018
Leeuwarden is the centre of Friesland and will be the European Capital of Culture in 2018. In that year, the Frisian people want to show how they live, their history and which role the nature plays. The Frisian landscape and its connection to the history and people is also in its central point. Different activities will not only take place in Leeuwarden, but also in whole Friesland. With this, the UNESCO world heritage Wadden sea area and the eleven cities will receive the corresponding attention. These eleven cities will be symbolistic connected by fountains, which are especially build for each city. National and international artists designed them. Below we introduce four cultural highlights in our cultural capital. Click here for the complete program.

Fries Museum

Leeuwarden the Cultural capital of 2018

The Frisian Museum is the main museum of the Province Friesland. The museum does not only show everything about the eleven cities, the culture, the landscape and the battle against the water. It is also a meeting place where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, buy an original souvenir or watch a movie in the evening. Read more…


The Oldehove does not have a specific function. However it is an important symbol for the city. In 1529, they started to build the tower but the tower started to lean and hence. So they could not go on with building the adjoined church. In 1533 the construction of the tower had to be stopped at the height of 120 meters. Read more…

Stadhouderlijk Hof

You can find the Regents Palace directly in the city centre. The former palace is nowadays a hotel and over the years it was used for different purposes. In the earlier centuries the Frisian governors lived here. Then it became the royal palace and eventually the residence of the kings commissar.