Maintainance steel yachts

Onderhoud aan Safari Houseboat voor vaarseizoen 2019

A steel yacht is perfectly suitable to boat inland waters. This is due to its stability and resistance as well as the special boating characteristics.


New techniques are causing non-stop developments and improvements of boating characteristics. Furthermore, fuel consumption will be minimalized from consisting models.


We suggest to conserve steel yachts with high quality coating.


Currently, we are not only improving private boats but also our own fleet and steel yachts:




The outside received a whole new layer of varnish. After polishing the hull a primer and fillings were applied. Finally, it was repainted.



The outside was coated completly with varnish. Furthermore, rusty spots were smoothed and afterwards the boat was filled and varnished. After this refit the Fly Bridge is good to go for the next couple years.


Lady Love:

This Safari houseboat was adjusted to its Twin- Boats Queen and Sunshine and shows a white hull with grey stripes now, too.



This boat got a new RVS exhaust pipe and the hull was repainted.


Drait 33:

This Renal hull lights were sanded and polished. It continues to boat in great conditions.



The port- and starboard of this boat will be corrected. The hull will be polished slightly.


Our team is busy consistenly with complete refits and different painting jobs. Our team would love to show you the results or discuss efficient maintainance of steel yachts.


Our tip: Keep your boat in great condition! This does not only greaten your boating pleasure but also the added value of your boat.

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