Nature in the north of the Netherlands

North-Holland has a unique nature, which looks even more beautiful from the water. While being on the water, you can enjoy the panoramic view, the vast meadows and the wetland nature parks. Each season has a different impact on the nature. Therefore, there are many different watersport activities throughout the whole year. The three biggest wetland nature parks in the north are: De Alde Feanen, De Weerribben and the Lauwersmeer.

National park De Alde Feanen

De Alde Feanen has a special location in regard to marina De Drait. In order to get to the famous Frisian water sport places, you drive right through the national park. While you are out and about, you can enjoy for example the unique mooring facilities, activities and nature. In the nature reserve not only canoes and small motorboats can drive but also for bigger yachts there are enough routes and berths in the nature.  De Alde Feanen offers a variety of different landscapes.  This is also the reason why one can find so many different plants and animal species.

The national park is the biggest moor area in Europe. You can find for example more than hundred species of breeding birds and four hundred different plant species in the national park. There are various bike routes and many other possibilities to discover the surroundings. Many activities such as excursions are organised for children. Read more on the website of De Alde Feanen.

National Park de Weerribben

National park De Weerribben looks pristine, but the whole nature is created through humans. The peat area that has been formed the last thousand years was almost completely digged out in the past 300 years. Through peat digging this landscape has changed into the largest swamp area of Western Europe. The boat is the excellent vehicle to discover this unique national park. Via it Tjeukemeer you can drive to Ossenzijl, where you’ll enter this unique landscape. All the reed fields and small canals lead to the main canal the Kalenberggracht. Yachtcharter De Drait also offers the possibility to rent a canoe, with which you can paddle through the beautiful hay meadows or enter the mysterious swamp forest. The marina from Ossenzijl is a great place to sleep over.


National Park Lauwersmeer is located at the Frisian and Groningen border and is known for its rich population of bird species and borders at the Wadden Sea World Heritage. The area does not only have many species of birds but also fish. Fisher boats are on the water everyday to catch fresh fish. For the more active water sport enthusiast, there is the possibility to do wind and kitesurfing. The Wadden Sea is a nature reserve that permanently changes because of the by the tides. During ebb, you can walk on the wadden sea area. The walking tour start from Lauwersoog and is a unique experience for young and old. A number of routes start from a dried out spot, where you first will be driven too. There are as well many other activities, such as hiking to an inhabitant island or to the Engelsmanplaat.