Elbe route (Green, black, red)

Our highlights of this route:

Starting from Brandenburg and passing Schloss Plaue over the Elbe-Havel-Kanal direction Elbe.

Arrived in Magdeburg the Dom and Elbauen is definetly worth a visit.

The next stop is Tangermünde, where you can berth directly at the historic city center. Visit the historic castles and enjoy the view over the whole region.

Follow the Elbe to Havelberg, where it is also possible to berth right next to the city center. Enjoy the little streets and discover Schloss Havelberg.

Here, a beautiful view over the region is guarenteed. The next day you can boat in pace along the Havel, discover the untouched nature and passing Sternenpark Havelberg. Enjoy the peace and silence in the middle of the nature park und keep boating to Rathenow and the Optikpark. The last stop will lead you back to the home port Brandenburg.


Duration: Around 1 week



It is also possible to shorten your route:



• Take the Pareyer Verbindungskanal, which is almost on the height of Bittkau. Following this you will come to the Elbe. From there you can continue following the green route.
Duration Black Route: around 5 days)


• Another possibility is to shorten the route by leaving the Elbe-Havel Kanal via Niegripper See and following the Niegripper Altkanal, which leads you the Elbe and therefore back on the Green Route.
Duration Red Route: around 1 week)