Skipper training 2019


Yachtcharter De Drait offers a Skipper training for beginners in order to ensure a feeling of safety and trust. You can boat all of our yachts without a licencse after a brief instruction. However, would you like to gain more experience and skills or are you a beginner? We are offering the possibility to take part in a day course on 18th of May, 2019. This course is especially for beginners and skippers with no or little experience with a motorboat. During the training you will gain experience in manoeuvring, berthing and turning in narrow water. Furthermore, we offer a training for skipper, who also just want to improve certain skills and gain more experience.


During the training it is focussed on the security and safety on water. Therefore, you can leave the harbour with a safe feeling. In this course the basics will be explained as well.

Following situations are explained and trained for instance:

• Different knots

• Leaving and berthing at

• Keeping the boat on course

• berthing parallely

• Berth backwards in a box

• Turning in narrow waters and leaving with spring


Next to these planned topics it is also possible to practice some skills on demand for instance slalom, anchoring and “Man overboard”.

The schedule of this day is as following:

• Welcoming with coffee and snack in our Captains Lounge. Here will also be the theoretical explanation.

• Afterwards, we will put the theory into practice with some handy tips on water.

• A lunch break with for instance soup and delicous bread.

• The afternoon program consists of 2 parts, where different topics will be practiced.

• At the end of the afternoon you will receive an certificate with a cosy closure including some drinks and snacks.

The costs for this day course are 100 € per person. Your plus one is of course also welcome and join the lunch for 15€. You can sign up via the form below, or via 0031(0)512513276. Over these channels you can also get in contact with us in case of any further questions or to request further information.

Signing up Skipper training Saturday, 18th of May 2019.