Without a license

5-7 days, 200 km – 4 sluices, no license needed

Between Brandenburg and Havelberg there is a part on the Havel where you are allowed to boat without a license. For this route you only need the Charterschein. After following a detailed instruction on board, the charterschein is valid for the whole period.
On this route you can explore and enjoy untouched nature. The river banches offer the possibility to go fishing and/ or swimming. Moreover, you can also go hiking or biking and discover the surroundings.
The first stop lead you to the center of the Optikstadt Rathenow, directly in front of the Stadtschleuse (City sluice). There you can go for a walk.
The next day, the tour will lead you towards the Sternenpark Westhavelland. The Sternenpark is apparently the darkest place of Germany and one can enjoy an unforgetable night sky filled with stars. After arriving in Havelberg, you can berth at the historical city center. Visit the Dom and enjoy its beautiful view over the region. The next day you start towards Hohennauener See. There, you can anchor, enjoying the pace und relax. The next stop is the Water City Brandenburg. Go for a walk in one of the many parcs, discover the historical part of the city with a lot of cultural highlights. The next day you cross the Seenplatten back to the home port.