5 stamp card sloop sailing

Would you like to spend multiple days on a sloop with your friends or family? Considering getting a 5 stamp card for the DrachsterSloep.


The sloop is an eye catcher on the water, its design inspired by the old rescue boats of the Dutch merchant navy – with typical sailing characteristics, comfort and classic lines. The characteristics of the DrachsterSloep are as followed:

Max. 12 people can stay on the sloop. The measurements are 7.50 x 2.50 x 0.80 meter. The air draft is max. 1.40 meter. With a motor of 20 hp, the boat consists of a bow thruster, anchor and tent. Before your departure, you will receive an instruction on board and a bag with various water maps.

5 x stamp card

For a 5 x stamp card you pay € 450. With this card, you can sail 5 times with the DrachsterSloep from 9 AM until 5 PM (or Sunday from 10 AM). You pay 90 € per day instead of € 180. The stamp card is valid in Drachten as well as in Brandenburg.

For one day of sailing, we charge € 30 extra for fuel and € 25 as service costs. Additionally, a deposit of € 200 has to be paid either in cash or with a bank card.

The card can be requested via the contact form below. We send you then the payment details as soon as possible. After the payment has been settled, you will get the stamp card at your first sailing trip with teh DrachsterSloep. The card is valid 1 years starting from you first sailing trip.

Following requirements are applicable for the stamp cards:

  • The DrachsterSloep has to be booked in advance.
  • The card is valid for one year from the first sailing trip on.
  • Fuel costs, service costs and deposit has to be paid before departure in cash or with bank card.
  • The code of conducts of Yachtcharter De Drait are applicable.

You can book a stamp card by sending us an e-mail at info@dedrait.com.

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