Cookie policy

This cookie statement describes the cookies in use by websites of De Drait Group, and the functions they fulfill.

What are cookies?

  • A cookie is a small file or part of a file stored on a World Wide Web user’s computer, created and subsequently read by a website server, and containing personal information (such as a user identification code, customized preferences, or a record of pages visited)

The cookies in use by De Drait Group

Functional cookies

  • For the most part De Drait Group makes use of functional cookies. These cookies are necessary to supply you with the services and functionalities you have requested. For example, functional cookies remember the fact that you have been logged in (so called session-cookies), so you don’t have to re-login when moving on to the next web page.

Analytics cookies

  • To gather statistics on the use and purpose of visits of our website, De Drait Group deploys analytical services. The collected data is analyzed by the provider of these analytical services, after which the results are returned to De Drait Group. This provides De Drait Group with insight into how their websites are used, and gives it the ability to alter the way it deploys its services to best be of service to its customers. When legally required to do so, the analytical service provider can supply this information to third parties.

Social plug-ins

  • Through some of our websites, the ability to access a variety of social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+. By making use of these so-called social plugins information originating from these website can be shared with others. Through these social plugins, third parties are able to store data on your device by using cookies. These cookies can be used to improve your user experience, as well as track your surfing behavior across multiple websites and building up a profile of your online presence.

Tracking cookies

  • De Drait Group employs third party cookies on some of its websites, that can provide you with personalized offerings based on your online behavior.
  • Some of these websites place a uniquely identifiable cookie, which enables the website to recognize your device and make other websites within the same advertisement network aware who you are. This also makes it possible for De Drait Group to provide personalized advertisements.
  • Data gathered in this way will only be used by De Drait Group to display our advertisements on other websites, and will in no way be used for any other purpose.

Deletion of cookies

  • Any permission you provided to De Drait Group for placing cookies on your device can be revoked at any time, by changing your browsers way of handling those cookies, or by removing any already stored cookies. Use your browsers built-in help feature to figure out how to perform these actions in your browser.
  • Keep in mind that removing cookies or revoking permissions to place them might cause certain parts of our websites to not function as intended.
  • Refusing to accept and deleting cookies only affects the system and browser that is used to perform the deletion and refusal of cookies, when you make use of multiple computers or browsers, make sure to perform those action for every computer and browser seperately.
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