Skipper training

Would you like to rent a boat, but do you have little or no experience sailing a boat? Even though all of our boats are license free, our experienced instructors give you clear instructions before departure and we are happy to help you find your perfect license free sailing route – sometimes it’s nice (and fun!) to gain a little more experience.

For that reason, we offer skipper trainings in three forms: 

  1. a training for people who have booked a boat (prior to the rental period); 
  2. a day course for groups and/or special occasions (on request);
  3. a day course with open enrollment for people who don’t participate within an organization or group (date and time to be announced). 

1. Skipper training – prior to the rental period

The short skipper training is a course in which you learn the basic skills of boat sailing: how to move the boat, moor it and turn it in narrow waterways. This training is developed for starting skippers.

If you have more experience sailing a boot, but would like to practice a little more with the help of an experienced instructor, we also offer training for advanced skippers who want to train (for example) special manoeuvres on a boat.

The short skipper training takes place on the rented boat, prior to the rental period.

In brief:

  • Duration: at least 2 hours
  • Price: € 45 per hour
  • Location: on the rented boat
  • Date & time: prior to the rental period (different date & time to be discussed)

How to book:

Are you renting a boat with us and would you like to book a skipper training? Please contact us by calling 0031 512 513 276 or by emailing We look forward to hearing from you!

2. Skipper training (day course) – on request

In addition to the short course, we also offer a skipper training in the form of a day course. These courses are scheduled on request. We’ve scheduled many skipper trainings before, for example for entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for a fun ánd informative day out for their employees and fellow entrepreneurs.

The program:

  • Reception in our Captains Lounge. While you are enjoying your coffee or tea and cake, our experienced instructors explain the theory of sailing a boat.
  • We embark the boat. You receive more information and practical tips, including how to keep a boat on course and moor it.
  • The best part! We are going to sail to learn how to:
    • moor the boat alongside and move forward and backward into the box;
    • turn in narrow waterways;
    • enable the ‘screw effect’;
    • moor and sail away ‘with a jump’.
  • Lunch with delicious soup and sandwiches
  • We go back on the water to practice some more
  • While enjoying a skipper’s drink, each participant receives a certificate

In short:

  • Duration: entire day
  • Price: upon request
  • Location: at our marina in Drachten or Brandenburg (to be discussed)
  • Date & time: to be discussed

How to book:

Are you interested in organising a skipper training for a day? For your employees, for example, or a group of fellow entrepreneurs? For more information and price enquiries, please contact us by calling 0031 512 513 276 or send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

3. Skipper training (day course) – open enrollment

Every year in May, we also organise a full-day beginner skipper training for individuals who would like learn more about sailing. Dates and times will be announced via e-mail. Please sign up for our mailing list if you’d like to stay in the loop. 

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