Skipper training

To go safely and secure on the water, Yachtcharter De Drait offers a skipper training for the starting water sports enthusiast. It is possible to rent all our boats without a sailing licence and it is possible to drive a motorboat after a short instruction. Would you like to gain more skills or if you are a starting skipper, then you can book our 2 hour skipper training.


Our skipper training is especially developed for starting skippers who have no or little experience with driving a motorboat. During this training you will become more experienced with maneuver, mooring and turning into narrow waters. We also offer trainings for skippers who will gain extra experience or who wants to practice special skills.

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About our skipper training

Before your boating holiday you will receive an explanation and practical tips from our experienced instructor. Hereby, the knots will be practiced and information is given about keeping the boat on course and mooring. Afterwards, you go on the water to practice mooring alongside and in the box, turning in narrow waters, practice the propeller effect and mooring with spring. During the skipper training we also give information about the sailing area. On request special exercises are possible. For beginners the minimum training duration is 2 hours. You can book this training before your rental period and it will take place on your rental boat. With many registrations on one day it is possible that the skipper training will take place the following day. In consultation it is possible to follow the skipper training at a different time.


The costs for the skipper training are € 45,- per hour, for beginners 2 hours are obligatory.


Would you prefer to gain more experience or join with a group our skipper training? Then we can offer on request an extensive skipper training for starting water sports enthusiasts. At this moment we haven’t planned a day course yet. After consideration it is also possible to organise a day course on a different date. During our day course the focus on safety and security on the water is central. During the day course the basic principles are explained, such as lines and knots, sailing away and mooring, keeping the boat on course, laying alongside, going backwards into the box, turning into narrow waters and sailing away with spring. In addition to the fixed components, it is possible to perform a number of extra exercises such as slalom sailing, anchoring and man over board maneuver.

The day program is as following:

For the possibilities and pricing agreements you can contact us:

Hire a skipper on board:

Are you looking for a motorboat for a day trip? Renting a motorboat starts with a day rent from € 250,- excl. fuel costs. Additional price for sailing with a skipper is based on availability and in consultation. You can contact us via or 0512 – 513 276.