Sloop rental

Are you looking for a special day out or holiday? Rent a sloop in beautiful Friesland. 

Sailing with a sloop through Friesland means enjoying your day to the fullest. You can rent a sloop from Yachtcharter De Drait in Drachten in Friesland. Whether you want to spend a weekend away with your partner, or you are looking for a special day out with your group of friends, family or colleagues: rent a sloop and you are sorted. Did you know that you don’t need a boating license for sailing our sloop in the Netherlands?

Advantages of our sloops

All our sloops are easy to operate, because they are equipped with a bow thruster, which makes mooring very easy. Depending on the type of sloop you choose, our Campingsloep and SloepCabin are equipped with a toilet, refrigerator, hob, sink and even a double bed in the bow. The spacious lay out of our open sloops make it even possible to sail with groups from two up to twelve people. In this way you can make it as cosy as you want.

Which type of sloop suits your needs?

From our marinas in Drachten (in Friesland, the northern part of the Netherlands with its beautiful lakes and waters) we rent out 12 sloops in 4 different types. From our marina in Woudsend we offer one sloop:

Our traditional DrachtsterSloep 750 is the ideal sloop for a day out with friends, family or another group. This sloop is for a day tour suitable up to twelve people. Do you want to rent this sloop with more comfort? Then choose the CampingSloep. This sloop is equipped with a refrigerator, toilet, sink, stove and a double bed in the bow. Do you want to sail multiple days? Then the Drait Vlet 650 or SloepCabin is ideal. These sloops are suitable during the day for a maximum of 4 up to 6 people and they also have a double bed in the bow, a sink, hob, toilet and refrigerator.

Sailing instruction before departure

Before departure you will receive a short instruction about the boat, an explanation about the sailing routes and useful tips from our employees. You will receive a board bag at the check-in, with the water maps of the boating area, a folder with more information about the sloop and an overview of the best boating routes. In this way you can start your tour care-free.

Sloop routes

Do you want to rent a boat, but you have not planned a route yet? Or you have no idea where to go? No worries! On the map below you will find several routes for a day cruise from Drachten. Per sailing route you find an indication of sailing hours. In addition, you also find various attractions on the route map. Do you want to view the routes one by one? Then click on the left arrow in the square in the top bar. In addition, you can easily enlarge the map by clicking on the right icon in the top bar. The map then opens in a new tab.

Prices sloop rental

  • 1 day: € 180
  • 2 days: € 325
  • 3 days: € 475
  • 4 days: € 625
  • 1 week: € 950
  • Extra day: € 125

Additional costs:

Fuel costs sloops per day: € 45
Fuel contribution sloops by 2 days rental: € 65
Fuel costs sloops by 3 days rental: € 80
Fuel contribution sloops per week: € 95
Deposit per day: € 200
The deposit by renting multiple days: € 350
Life jackets (also for children) € 5 per piece

Sloop rental periods

You can rent a DrachtsterSloep from Monday to Saturday from 9 am until 5 pm and on Sunday from 10 am until 6 pm. Do you want to extend your day trip or are you looking for a different rental period? For example a weekend, midweek, week or longer? Then do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.

How do you rent a sloop at De Drait?

Are you looking to rent a sloop for a specific period? Then you can rent a sloop directly online by making use of our booking calendar. Here you will find an overview of all our boats per month. Do you have a specific date in mind? Then use our “Search and book function“. You simply choose the location ‘Drachten’, set the number of days to <7 days and choose your desired day in the calendar. Then choose the ‘DrachtsterSloep’ model in the menu on the side. Or do you want a sloop with a toilet, gas stove, hob and refrigerator? Then choose the ‘Drachtster Campingsloep’ model.

Are you not quite sure or do you have questions about our sloops? Then do not hesitate to contact us by phone or per mail. We will then process your request as soon as possible.

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