Price lists

Price list 2021 and 2022

Are you already planning a boating holiday in 2021 in Drachten-Friesland or Brandenburg-Berlin? Or maybe you are busy with planning a boating holiday in 2022? Then open the pricing list below for an overview of the prices, discounts and additional costs for a boating holiday in 2021. This list is also valid for a booking in 2022. Scroll down on the pricing list for the prices of Friesland and for charter per day.

* The pricing list of 2021 is valid from October 1st, 2020 for bookings in 2021 and 2022.

Early booking discount:

We have extended our early booking discount for 2021. This means that you receive a discount of 5% on the rental amount for bookings in 2021 until the 31st of January 2021. For a booking in 2022 until the early booking discount is valid the 31st of December 2021.

Current prices and availability

Using the booking tool on our website, you will see the current availability and corresponding rental prices per period, per boat. You can book directly or make a request. A complete overview of the fleet and availability can be found in our booking calendar.

Please note: stated rental prices always exclude security deposit and fuel costs, cleaning costs, the costs of the service package and administration costs. Have a look at the pricing list above for more information.

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