One way tour Drachten & Brandenburg

One-Way Tour

Our two marina locations in Drachten (Friesland) and Brandenburg (Germany) are connected through beautiful waterways. On a boat you can experience these rivers and canals in a unique way. The one way tour can be booked twice a year. In fall the boats are driven from Brandenburg to Drachten and in spring back to Brandenburg.

How does it works?

You receive an extended instruction on board and after that you also get an explanation of the routes. Than your adventure can begin. Along Frisian meadows and villages, you will enter the unique landscape of Groningen. Germany shows both beautiful nature and unique waterways. This ensures an unforgettable experience. Recommended mooring places are Delfzijl, Hannover and Magdeburg. The luxurious motor yachts are providing you with all important amenities needed for a tour of 2 weeks.

You can choose to drive along the inland waters, for which you need for example part 1 of a Dutch boating licence. For a tour on the Eems-Dollard you need to have the second part of the Dutch boating licence. Before your departure, you will receive all necessary water maps, detailed route explanation and a general instruction from us. The tour is about 650 km long and can be sailed within 2 weeks.


We offer 5 different routes for the one-way charter, which vary in length but still each route has its own beauty. On the map below, you can have a closer look on the different routes. Moreover you can also find interesting sights and marinas in Germany and Holland on the map.

Route 4, over the Rhine, can only be sailed from Brandenburg to Drachten in the fall. It is not possible to sail the routes via Stadskanaal, route 2 and 3, every season. This depends on the bridge opening hours per season. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need help by planning your sailing route. If you wish, we can also send you the routes via email which also include a more detailed description.


In 2021 and 2022 there are no boats available anymore. In the year 2023 we offer several possibilities for a one way tour. We recommend booking as soon as possible, since these tours are extremely popular and quickly fully booked.

Please contact us for the actual availability and possibilities via or 0031 512513276.


Rental amount: Bravoure 34, Renal 36 and Safari Houseboat 10.50
Rental amount: Advantage 38 and Bravoure 40
Rental amount: Deluxe 42 and Renal 50

Fuel costs:
Service package:
Cleaning costs:
Rental amount € 1.100*
Costs € 1.300*
Rental amount € 1.500*

After usage
Min. € 85, max. € 120

*If you would like to make the one-way in 3 weeks, then please let us know in your request and we inform you about this possibility.


Because this is a special offer, this tour can not be booked online. Would you like to get more information? Please send us an e-mail at

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