Operate bridges in Friesland with your mobile Phone

“Watersport”, a new app which enables you to operate bridges in Friesland

Operating bridges with an app in Friesland? In this blog, you can read more about it! If you have downloaded the app “Watersport” in Google Play Store or App Store before setting sail, waiting at bridges can be avoided and also you don’t have to sail in front of the camera or press a button to operate the bridge. Naturally, this makes things easier and captains won’t have to perform an extra manoeuvre.

It Swettehûs

The government of the province of Friesland has made investing in accessibility and infrastructure on Friesian waterways a priority. The local government is currently creating a new central bridge operating centre for all 40 bridges in Friesland. This centre will be housed in “It Swettehûs”. At this location, approximately 20 staff members are responsible for the operation of the bridges. Hospitality towards both water sports enthusiasts and professional sailors is increased, especially with the remote control function in the app. This remote control on your mobile device enables you to operate bridges in Friesland from a larger distance. By using the app, possible waiting times can be shortened and another advantage is that in many cases the bridge fees have been abolished.

App ”Watersport” for your mobile Phone

The app named “Watersport” was introduced by Avine Fokkens-Kelder on March 29th 2021 and it can already be used at 16 bridges in the province of Friesland. These are mostly bridges in recreational waters and on more crowded itineraries. This feature is unique to the Netherlands; it’s only available in Friesland. Apart from arranging for a bridge to be operated using a VHF-marine radio or by pressing a button at the bridge itself, it can now easily be done by pressing a button on your mobile phone. It’s a handy feature, which will eventually be applied to all 40 bridges in the province of Friesland.

Apart from the remote control, the Watersport app has other handy features for watersports enthusiasts. If you fill in your itinerary, you will get information about e.g. other marinas, high-speed boating areas, bridge opening hours, charging points (electricity), Marrekrite moorings, wastewater disposal points and up-to-date navigation information.


Among water sports enthusiasts in the province of Friesland, the app is considered an asset. Besides making sailing safer, using the available information contributes to the relaxing experience of a sailing holiday in Friesland. The app is available in Frisian, Dutch, German and English and can be downloaded free of charge in Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Which bridges are opening in Friesland in 2021?

  • Van Harinxmakanaal;
  • Kiesterzijl;
  • Frisiabrêge Franeker;
  • Stationsbrug Franeker;
  • Brug Dronryp;
  • Brug Ritsumasyl;
  • Staandemastroute Leeuwarden Grou;
  • Palma brêge Wergea;
  • Tûtsebrêge Wergea;
  • Gallebrêge Grou;
  • Rogsloot Warten;
  • Zandsloot Terhorne;
  • Brug Noorder Oudeweg bij Joure;
  • Janesloot Langweer;
  • Scharsterbrug;
  • Sudergoabrêge Workum;
  • Panhuysbrug Tjerkwerd;
  • Warrebrug bij Tijnje.

Bridges available in the summer of 2021

  • Slauerhoffbrug Leeuwarden;
  • Brug Follega.


Marrekrite: Primeur brugbediening per app

Provincie Fryslân: Swettehûs

Are you excited about this newly available feature in our beautiful watersports province? Feel free to have a look at our boat rental website. With this new app, enjoying a boating holiday will be an even more relaxing experience than before.

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