Gelbe Welle – unique mooring places in Germany

Information system on the German waters

Information signs are indispensable on our motorways. On the water however, things can be a bit different. Public piers, marinas, mooring places, boat houses, restaurants and hotels are sometimes difficult to find for the (novice) water sports enthusiast. While – especially in an unknown environment – it is convenient to know where you can moor your boat and which places are the best for doing that.

In Germany, they have therefore created the “Gelbe Welle” symbol. The Gelbe Welle was set up by the German Tourism Association and is intended to inform water tourists about the possibilities in the concerning sailing area.

You will find signs with the “yellow wave” scattered across all German waters: among other things, all public piers and ports with at least 2 berths are marked with it. In addition, the Gelbe Welle signs provide information about sailing routes, sights and nature in the nearby area. In short: the Gelbe Welle plates give you a warm welcome, also (or especially) if you are not so well known in the area.

The number of Gelbe Welle symbols in the Brandenburg sailing area give an indication of the hospitality level in the region: of all 654 “Gelbe Welle” sites in Germany, more than 240 can be found in the Brandenburg region. 

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