Company outing

Want to get to know your colleagues in a completely different way? Go for a sailing holiday together! On the water you will experience the ultimate ‘offsite’: from the moment you step onboard, your minds will immediately wind down and relax. 

Because the boat ripples slowly and peacefully over the water, there’s not much else you can do but sit back and relax. Leave your daily obligations at work: this is the time to enjoy the peaceful, green surroundings and get to know each other. You might even come up with brilliant ideas you otherwise would never have thought of!

The boats

Our boats are suitable for 2 to 14 people. You can decide how much privacy you prefer. Larger boats for example, such as the Impression 1400, have 7 separate cabins. In addition, these boats have several toilets and showers on board. 

Many of our ships have a large aft deck where everyone can sit comfortably, enjoying some food and drinks. Refrigerators are available and you can bring as much food and drinks as you want. 

Does your group want to sail multiple boats at the same time? That is also possible. For more information and multiple boat discounts, please contact us.

Boating license & skipper training

You do not need a boating license to rent our boats. Also, you will find plenty of beautiful license-free sailing routes in the vicinity of our marinas in Drachten (Friesland), Woudsend (Friesland) and Brandenburg (Berlin, Germany). Does none of your group have sailing experience and would you like to gain some experience before sailing off? In that case, we would advise you to have at least one person in the group do a skipper training in advance (this can of course also be done as a group, so that the holiday fun starts even earlier). More information about the skipper training can be found here.

Book your company outing online

On our webpage “rent a boat“, you can immediately see which boats are available during which period, and also the corresponding rates. Rates always include 21% VAT. The maximum number of people per boat is shown for each boat. 

Would you like to rent a boat for a period that is not shown in the booking tool? Or do you have other questions? Then please contact us.

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