Full hull coverage with deductible for the tenant

All of our boats and yachts are fully insured. Full hull – also called All Risk – is the most comprehensive boat insurance. This insurance does include a deductible for the tenant.

Refundable security deposit: deductible for the tenant

The amount of the deductible is equal to the deposit that you pay when you rent a boat with us. The amount of the deposit depends on the type of boat and the rental period:

  • Luxury yachts, Safari Houseboats, Campi 340 and 400: € 1000
  • Bungalow boat, Campi 300 and Doeraks: € 750
  • Sloop cabin and Drait Vlet: € 450
  • Sloops (daily rental): € 200
  • Sloops (rental for several days): € 350

You can transfer the deposit prior to your boating holiday to our bank account. You can also pay the deposit at our marina. We prefer a payment by debit card.

If all criteria were met, we will refund the deposit during the check-out.

Collision Damage Waiver

Would you rather rent our boats without the risk of losing your deductible? You can choose to buy off the deductible upfront. In that case you are 100% insured, because you will get your paid security deposit back in all cases. Note: the full deposit must still be paid before departure.

The deductible can be bought off during the booking, but also at the moment you check in at the marina. The costs for buying off your deductible depend on the type of boat:

  • Yachts and Safari Houseboats: € 150
  • Doerak, BunBo and Campi Houseboats: € 100
  • Sloops and Vlet: € 72

Cancellation insurance

It is also possible to take out a cancellation insurance. The costs for this insurance are 5% of the total rental amount. You can take out a cancellation insurance while you book, up to 7 days after booking. If you would like to do so after you have booked, please send an mail to or call us at 0031 512 513276. 

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