There are special berths, called Marrekrite, arranged for people who enjoy water sport as well as the nature. They are built in the middle of the nature for a reason. These berths give you the possibility to explore the most beautiful places in the middle of the Frisian nature by boat.  In Friesland, one can find more than 3800 Marrekrite location. Here you can moor for free up to 3 days. The Marrekrite organisation is taking care of the maintenance and management of these berths. Building new berths and the maintenance, can cost a lot of money. The organisation therefore corporates with the Frisian province and various municipalities. Nevertheless, you can also support the organisation by purchasing a Marrekrite pennant. The berths are recognizable by a blue-white sign with a sailing boat on it (see picture).

Marrekrite buoys

Special buoys are as well offered, which are perfect to moor at during the day. You can find these buoys for example in the national park De Alde Feanen. Within one minute, you can easily moor on the open water.

Mooring locations

Would you like to get more information about the organisation or where you can find a place to moor in the nature? Than have a look at this website.