Last minute discount

Up to 50% last minute discount

Would you like to sail last minute with one of our motorboats in Friesland or Brandenburg? Then take advantage of our last minute discount up to 50% valid on the rental amount*. In the table below you find more information about the availability, the boats and prices. The last minute discount is valid for a week, weekend and a midweek. A weekend is from Friday 15.00 untill Monday 09.00 and a midweek is from Monday 13.00 until Friday 09.00. Click on the boatname for more information about the boat or for booking directly. Friesland:   Brandenburg:   * The last. Read more

Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018 –¬†Arrangement LF2018

Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018 –¬†Arrangement LF2018   In 2018, Leeuwarden is dominated as the Cultural Captital of Europe. A lot of educational and special activities are planned during the year. But not only in Leeuwarden are this activities regarding the Cultural Capital, in the whole province Friesland is a full schedule of activities. If you want to make your visit to Friesland special, we offer a nice sailing package deal. You have your own overnight accommodation an at the same time you can reach a lot of cities and experience the beauty of the Frisian lakes. It will be definitely. Read more

One-way charter

In spring and autumn, we offer the possibility to charter one of our yachts from our marina in Drachten to our marina in Brandenburg and vice versa. With this unique opportunity you can experience both countries from the water. One the one hand, you will discover the beautiful nature of Friesland and on the other hand you can see the varied German landscape. It is absolutely worth it! In 2019 you have the opportunity to sail from Brandenburg to Drachten. Moreover, in spring 2019 you can sail from Drachten to Brandenburg. In order to do the one-way sailing, you need. Read more

Short week sailing Friesland and Brandenburg

Short week sailing

Would you like to sail for a short week with one of our sloops or yachts in Brandenburg or Drachten? Than have a look at our special offers. We offer one boating holiday period from Tuesday 1 PM until Friday 9 AM and one from Monday 1 PM until Thursday 9 AM.

5 – and 10 stamp card

Would you like to spend multiple days on a sloop with your friends or family? Than order a 5- or 10 stamp ticket for a DrachsterSloep. DrachtsterSloep The sloop is a eye catcher on the water, with a design inspired by the old rescue boats of the Dutch merchant navy, where sailing characteristics, comfort and classic lines important was. The characteristics of the DrachsterSloep are as followed:   Max. 12 people can be on the sloop. The measurements are 7.50 x 2.50 x 0.80 meter. The air draft is max. 1.40 meter. With a motor of 20 pk, the boat. Read more