The 3 most beautiful cycling routes in Friesland

Boating and cycling: the perfect combination

The province of Friesland is a beautiful wetland province, with more than enough beautiful things to discover by boat. All Frisian lakes are connected to each other through channels and ditches. Moreover, the distances between the sailing areas are relatively short, so you can visit many different areas in one sailing holiday.

For example, sail from city to village, or from nature reserve to marina. Once you have arrived at a (temporary) place of destination, you can choose to explore the area on land by foot or – typically Dutch – by bike. It’s not so strange that the Dutch love cycling: Dutch landscapes are relatively flat and there are plenty of cycle paths. It can also be very fun and practical to bring bicycles on a boat. On the one hand because you can go (grocery) shopping quickly and easily, but also because you can make beautiful cycling trips to places your boat cannot come to.

Therefore, we have listed our 3 favorite cycling routes in Friesland below. Please note that the description of the routes on the website we link to are often in Dutch, but it does give you a map of the route. Also, if you have any further questions about the cycling routes, you can always reach out to us.

The Pontjesroute

Eernewoude – Grou – Wartena – Eernewoude (25.8 km)

One of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands is located in Friesland: the Alde Feanen National Park. The national park is really a peat bog with many waterways, so you have to cycle alongside the edges of the park. Which is already beautiful, but with the Pontjesroute you board the ferry a few times to get to the other side of the water. During the short boat trips you can discover more than 100 species of (breeding) birds. More information about the Pontjesroute can be found here.


Balk – Woudsend – Tjerkgaast – Sloten – Balk (30.4 km)

This route leads you – as the name suggests – around the Slotermeer. You pass through beautiful old villages such as Sloten, the smallest city in Friesland. Between the villages you will find peace in the vast polders. More information about the route can be found here.

Around the Sneekermeer

Sneek – Uitwellingerga – Pants – Goingarijp – Terherne – Sneek (37.2 km)

During the summer months, it is pleasantly busy on and around the Sneekermeer with lots of water sports enthusiasts. Taste the atmosphere by cycling this route around the lake. You cycle through beautiful nature, along shell paths, among the sheep and along cozy terraces. You can find more information about the route here.

Cycling on board?

Bicycles are easy to take on board of our boats. You can choose to bring your own bicycles, but it is also possible to rent bicycles. We can offer comfortable city bikes for ladies, gentlemen and children, which we place on board prior to your sailing holiday. You can easily book the bicycle(s) here.

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