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To make your boating holiday even more fun, completer and easier, you can book several extra things and services with us. A bicycle for example, if you would like to explore parts of the area cycling instead of sailing. Or dinghies and canoes, which you can use to discover beautiful little rivers and canals. Request extras for your boating holiday? Then make use of this fill-in form, which you can open by clicking on the button below.

Some of the items depend on where you booked your boat – in Drachten (Friesland, NL) or Brandenburg (DE):

Bookable extras at both locations

Bed linen

All our boats have a complete inventory on board for the amount of people the boat is suitable for. You would only have to bring bed linen (including blankets – if you have rented a boat in Drachten) and towels.

Would you prefer us to arrange the bedding for you? You can rent clean and fresh bed linen. We will make sure the beds are made for you when you arrive.

Brandenburg € 12 per person / Drachten € 18 per person


Would you like to explore the area by bike? We rent out bicycles with gears. The bicycles are also easy to take on board.

€ 5 per day / € 30 per week

Take your pet on board

Would you like your four-legged friend to come along on your boat trip? Your pet is more than welcome on our yachts.

€ 45 per pet

Skipper training

Are you new to boating and would you like to gain some extra experience before your departure? You can book an extra skipper training: a 2-hour training on your rented boat before your departure. More information about the skipper training can be found here.

€ 100 per person (two hours)

Buy off deductible

All of our boats have a deductible for the tenant, which equals the amount of the security deposit. It is possible to redeem this deductible. More information about insurances and the deductible can be found here.

Price: depends on the type of boat

Cancellation insurance

It is possible to take out cancellation insurance when renting one of our boats. More information about this insurance can be found here.

5% of the rent

Additional items and services for rent in Drachten

Set of 3 towels

€ 10 per set

Kitchen towels

Set of 3 towels for € 6


€ 8 per duvet

Indoor parking

On the marina you will find a large, fenced outdoor parking space. You can park for free here. Do you prefer guarded parking? You can instead park in our closed-off, insulated parking hall.

€ 25 per car per week

Fishing license

On Dutch waters your are permitted to throw out a fishing rod almost everywhere, if you have a fishing license. You can buy a weekly permit with us, which allows you to fish at many locations.

€ 10 per license

Life jacket

Safety on the water is important. That is why we rent life jackets for children and adults. Bear in mind that life jackets are obliged to be on board when navigating Zone II waters (the IJsselmeer, the Waddenzee and the major rivers).

€ 5 per life jacket


Would you also like to discover the small waterways on the way? That is possible with a dinghy: an extra small boot that is easy to carry behind the rented boat. Our dinghies have an outboard engine and can be rented with and without steering console.

Dinghy with console: € 345
Dinghy without console: € 175

Canoes and SUP boards

Would you like to explore the waters in peace? A canoe or SUP board is ideal for discovering the small little rivers and brooks. We rent different types of canoes, suitable for one to four people.

1-person canoe: € 20 per day / € 90 per week
2-person canoe: € 25 per day / € 100 per week
Canadian canoe (2-4 people): € 30 per day / € 110 per week

Wadden Sea / IJsselmeer package

If you are an experienced skipper, it is possible to sail the so-called Zone II waters with our boats: such as the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. The Wadden Sea / IJsselmeer package contains hydrographic maps, level compass, distress signal, tidal atlas and binoculars. You can only sail the Zone II waters with our permission, after you’ve shown us you are an experienced skipper. Life jackets are mandatory on Zone II waters.

€ 45 per package

Breakfast service

Have you booked one of our boats and are you staying in our marina in Drachten? You can enjoy a delicious breakfast in our Captains Lounge.

€ 14 per person (self-service)

Wood for the stove in the Bungalow boat

Our Bunbo boats are beautiful houseboats with a cozy wood-burning stove. There are three bags of wood on the boat as standard. You can purchase additional wood if necessary.

€ 8 per bag

Water map of Friesland

Would you like to map out a route before departure? Then ask for the water map of Friesland. We will send the water map, if possible, by post before departure.

De Drait water map of Friesland costs € 9,95

Make use of our Captains Lounge

Would you like to rent our meeting room including coffee and tea for a meeting or another activity? That is possible! Read more here.

Extra items and services to rent in Brandenburg


A boating license is not required on some rivers in Germany, but you do need a so-called Charterschein. You can purchase it with us and before you sail away, we’ll give you a short course in the marina of Brandenburg. The Charterschein is valid for the entire rental period. You can find more information about Charterschein here.

The Charterschein for the Campi 300 Houseboat for sailing between Potsdam and Havelberg you will receive after an instruction for € 45

The Charterschein for our motorboats, Safari Houseboat and SloepCabin for sailing between Havelberg and Brandenburg city you will receive after an instruction for € 70


You can park your car for a small fee on our marina in Brandenburg. 

€ 3.50 per car per day

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