The 4 most beautiful nature-rich spots in Brandenburg

The contrasts in the Brandenburg sailing area are great. On the one hand you will find the bustling metropolis of Berlin, and only a few kilometers away you end up in unspoilt, quiet nature. Brandenburg has a rolling landscape and is rich in nature: in the state you will find 30,000 km2 of forest areas, 240 nature protection areas and many natural parks.

Many of these beautiful nature parks can be sailed by boat. In this blog post we show you our four favorite nature reserves in Brandenburg, which are perfect for exploring by boat.

1. Biosphere Reserve Spreewald

The Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is a unique part of Germany, located south of Berlin. You will not only find beautiful unspoilt nature, but also a lot of the original culture: the inhabitants still have their own distinctive language and customs.

Centuries ago, Spreewald was a swamp area with primeval forests, where people could barely get to. Nowadays, many deer and wild boar live in the forests, but badgers have also made their fortresses here. You will also find many breeding birds, but also the otter and (black) stork have been spotted there.

You can sail for days in the biosphere. For example, sail across the river the Spree, which was already formed in the ice age and formed itself in a completely natural way. Many villages in Spreewald can only be discovered by boat. You can find more information about Spreewald on the official website of the reserve.

2. Westhavelland nature park

The landscape in the Westhavelland nature park consists mainly of forests and lakes. The nature park is an ideal resting place for migratory birds, because of the moist areas. You can find swans and ducks, but also geese in abundance. Moreover, the extremely rare and protected bird the “ruff” – also the symbol of the park – can be found here in the spring.

The dark night sky over the park is also spectacular, making the Milky Way appear in full glory during the night. For that reason, the park is also called “Sternenpark Westhavelland”. The visitor center of the nature park is located in the village of Milow. More information about the nature park can be found here (in German).

3. Potsdamer Wald- und Havelseengebiet

If you sail from Brandenburg to Berlin, you will sail through the beautiful Wald- und Havelseengebiet, in the area of Potsdam. This protected nature area consists of fields, meadows and forests. It’s an area with many different landscapes. At Schwielowsee, you can find the highest observation tower in the area. The tower is 124 meters high and offers a breathtaking view of the nature and lake area.

4. Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island)

The special island of Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) can only be reached by ferry and is located 20 kilometers southwest of the center of Berlin. This island has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1990 as part of the palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin. The island owes its name to the many peacocks that roam here in the wild. The castle of King Frederick William II, which is located on the island, can be visited during the summer months.

Sailing through the beautiful nature of Brandenburg

As you have read, you can find beautiful, unspoilt nature in the Brandenburg sailing area: ideal places to discover by boat, but also by bike or on foot. All the nature reserves above can be easily reached and discovered by boat, from our marina in Brandenburg. We are happy to help you mapping out a beautiful route that includes one or more of the above areas.

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