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You can find the complete inventory list * of our boats via the following links:Have you booked a sailing holiday? Great! On this page, we show you exactly which items already are on board. In that way, you can effectively pack your bags and suitcases. The inventory lists * of all our boats you will find at the links below. Please note that the inventory list will open in a new tab. You can find the complete inventory list * of our boats via the following links:

* Subject to changes

Please note: The water maps of Groningen / Drenthe, Friesland and North-West Overijssel are available as a standard on board of all the boats in Drachten. The boats in Brandenburg are all equipped with the Berlin-Brandenburg water map. This is not always stated on the inventory lists.

As you can see, all of our boats are equipped with a complete inventory corresponding with the number of people the boat is suitable for. On all of our boats in Brandenburg you will also find blankets for everyone. Therefore, you would only have to bring bed linen (including blankets – if you have rented a boat in Drachten) and towels for each person.

Would you prefer us to arrange that for you? That is possible. You can rent clean and fresh bed linen (and much more) with us. We’ll even make sure the beds are made for you! You can find more information about extra items and services for rent here

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