Sailing routes in Friesland (NL)

Sailing in Friesland

The province of Friesland is known for its Frisian lakes: around 30 lakes that are connected through pools, ditches, and canals. Friesland is, therefore, a great destination for water sports enthusiasts: you can sail the most impressive routes without getting ‘interrupted’ by land. Moreover, there are more than enough (Marrekrite) mooring options in the villages, towns, and nature.

And the Frisian people? We are proud of our beautiful province, hospitable and more than happy to advise and help our visitors. Especially when you join us in our passion for water sports: most Frisians themselves are avid water sports enthusiasts too, which immediately creates a bond. You are very welcome!

Map of sailing routes in the Netherlands

Please find a map of our favorite sailing routes in Friesland and the rest of the Netherlands below. The routes are divided into week, midweek, weekend and day routes. Click on the icon on the left next to “Bezienswaardigheden en routes” (places of interest and routes in Dutch) to select the different routes.

Our recommendations:

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