Are you not in the possession of a boat licence, but you still would like to rent a boat and drive a boat in the region

Charterschein Brandenburg

of Brandenburg? Than you can book an additional Charterschein, which is valid for the rental time. You will receive this licence after an extensive instruction on board. From Brandenburg you can sail along the Untere Havel-Wasserstrasse from 56 until 156 km. In addition, you can also sail on the tributaries: Beetzsee-Riewendsee-Wasserstraße, Rathenower Havel and Hohennauener Wasserstraße.

Charterschein information

The charter industry like to talk about the term ‘Houseboat’. This term does not only includes pontoon boats or specially made charter boats, but also bigger motor yachts. The charterschein has the following restrictions:

You will most likely receive the instruction during the boat takeover. One of our employees, who all have a boat licence and a lot of knowledge and experience with the surroundings, will give you the instruction. If you have any specific questions about the theory or practice, you can always still ask during the instruction. There is a fixed protocol for the instruction, which is divided into traffic behavior (theory and practice), traffic rules and technical boats knowledge. The cost for the Charterschein is 45 €.