Temporary boating license in Germany: the Charterschein

Would you like to rent a boat in Germany without a boating license? In that case you can book a Charterschein. This Charterschein is valid for the rental of a motorboat, Safari Houseboat or SloepCabin. It is valid starting from the moment you rent one of our boats, to the moment you return it. Have you rented a Campi 300 Houseboat in Brandenburg an der Havel with a 9,9 hp outboard motor? Then you find more information about the rental without a boating license below the page.

How does it work?

Before you leave, you will receive detailed instructions on board by one of our experienced employees. We do this on your boat, in our marina in Brandenburg an der Havel. All of our instructors have a boating license themselves and know the river and the surrounding waters very well.

The instruction are given according to a fixed protocol: we discuss the desired behavior on the boat, the rules on the water and technical information about the boat. During the instruction there is enough time to ask extra questions.

The costs for a Charterschein are € 70.


Boat type:

The Charterschein applies to boats that are a maximum of 15 meters long and can reach a maximum speed of 12 kilometers (~ 7.5 miles) per hour. In addition, a maximum of 12 passengers is allowed on the boat. All of our boats meet these requirements.

Certain waters:

You are allowed to sail on different waters with a Charterschein. From our marina in Brandenburg you can sail about 100 kilometers over the main river of Brandenburg: the Untere Havel-Wasserstrasse. Moreover, the license is also valid for various tributaries: the Beetzsee-Riewendsee-Wasserstrasse, Rathenower Havel and Hohennauwer Wasserstrasse.

We are happy to help you plan a beautiful license free sailing route. More information about sailing routes in Brandenburg can be found here.

Book a Charterschein

Please send an e-mail to contact@dedrait.com or call us at 0031512 513276 more information or to book a Charterschein.

Campi 300 Houseboat

Have you rented a Campi 300 Houseboat in Brandenburg an der Havel with a 9,9 hp outboard motor and you do not have a boating license? Then you can drive with this Campi 300 Houseboat between Potsdam and Havelberg. More information about this route in Brandenburg can be found here. For renters without a license we ask them to follow a short instruction / charter course for € 45. During this course we will explain more about the rented boat, the boating area and the possibilities. With this instruction you always leave with confidence!

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