Routes in Brandenburg

Boating area Brandenburg

With over 3000 lakes and 3300 kilometers worth of canals and rivers, Brandenburg is teeming with possibilities. Using a motorboat you’ll get to enjoy the serene lakes and winding rivers. These rivers and lakes lead you past impressive palices and parks, which are common in the Brandenberg-Berlin area. The clear waters guarantee hours of fun, and being located at a waterway crossing, you get to sail over the river Elbe and Oder, as well as crossing the havel directly to enjoy the wilderness. Do you love watersports and culture, world-famous sights and wilderness? Then you’ll love the sailing Routes in Brandenberg!


Routes in Brandenburg Routes in Brandenburg Routes in Brandenburg Routes in Brandenburg

Map of routes in Brandenburg

Take a look at all the routes the Brandenburg-Berlin area has to offer below. The routes are seperated by duration, in week, midweek weekend. That way you always get to find out about passtimes during your holiday. Click the icon next to ‘Brandenburg sights’ below, to view the legend.



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