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Sailing in Brandenburg

Did you know that Brandenburg an der Havel is a great place for a boating holiday in northeastern Germany? There’s bustling Berlin, of which the city centre can easily be visited by boat, but on the other hand there is also nature to be found, in the peaceful area through which the Havel river flows.

In the area surrounding Brandenburg an der Havel, it is possible to rent a yacht or a Campi Houseboat without a boating license. With a Campi Houseboat it is allowed to sail in the area stretching from Havelberg till Potsdam, and with our yachts it is allowed to sail from Brandenburg an der Havel to Havelberg. If you do have a boating license, there are more possible itineraries to choose from.

On the maps below, you will find an overview of the area and possible itineraries for both our Campi Houseboats (Campi 300/340/400) and our yachts. If you have any questions about itineraries, sailing without a boating license or boat rental in Brandenburg an der Havel, please let us know. We are always happy to help out.

Brandenburg, and Campi Houseboat itineraries

Have you chartered a Campi Houseboat in Brandenburg an der Havel? A Campi 300, Campi 340 or Campi 400? If so, it is allowed to sail in the entire area shown on the map below, without a boating license. Before departure, our team will provide you with a detailed instruction. More information can be found on the webpage “Charterschein”. If you do have a boating license, it is also possible to sail some of the itineraries for yachts with your Campi Houseboat.


Brandenburg, and itineraries for yachts

Below, you will find a map showing our favourite itineraries in the area surrounding Brandenburg. There are itineraries suitable for a weekend, a midweek or a week. Click on the icon on the left, next to “Bezienswaardigheden en routes”,  to select itineraries.

Our favourites:

Below, you will find some of our favourite itineraries. If you have any questions about the itineraries, please feel free to contact us either by phone on 0512 513 276 or by e-mail, via We are looking forward to planning your ideal itinerary together.

License free tour

On the Havel River, between the cities of Brandenburg and Havelberg, there is a 100 kilometer long area where you can sail without a license. To sail this route, you do need a temporary Charterschein.

From the marina in Brandenburg, sail towards the center of Rathenow. Rathenow is also known as Optikstadt: it’s the cradle of the optical industry in Germany. You can moor here in front of the Stadtschleuse (city sluice), and then go for a nice walk through the city. The next day, sail towards Sternenpark Westhavelland. This park is known as Germany’s darkest place, offering you a beautiful sky full of stars at night.

From here, sail towards Havelberg and moor in the historic center of the city. Visit the Dom and enjoy a beautiful view of the city. After Havelberg, the journey continues to the Hohenauer See. Moor here to relax and the next day, sail towards the city of the water: Brandenburg. Take a walk in one of the many parks and discover the historic part of the city with its cultural highlights. The next day you cross the beautiful Seenplatte (lake district) to return to the marina in Brandenburg. 

Required time: 5 – 7 days
Boating license required: No

Potsdam and surrounding area (pink route)

After visiting the palaces in Potsdam, head up the Havel river towards Spandau. You will pass the Olympia Stadium Berlin. Stay on the Havel to discover the beautiful nature in the Uckermärkische Seen National Park. Then cruise along the Müritz and Plauer See lakes. After passing various beautiful villages and towns, you will eventually arrive in the idyllic German town of Havelberg.

Time needed: 2 to 3 weeks
Boating license required: Yes

Berlin Tour (orange route)

From Plaue, sail in the direction of Werder. This island is definitely worth a stop for a walk. Then sail through Potsdam and Spandau to enter the Spree river, which goes in the direction of Berlin. The next morning you’ll sail into bustling Berlin to get a close look at the Reichstag, the Brandenburger Tor, the Museumsinsel and the TV tower.

Then head towards Müggelsee towards Köpenick. From there, you can take the Teltowkanal to sail towards Potsdam again. Be sure to visit the world-famous Sanssouci castle with its beautiful monument park and the Holländisches Viertel with typical Dutch houses and cozy boutiques, cafes and restaurants. After Brandenburg, famous for its beautiful old buildings, you finally sail back to Plaue.

Time needed: Midweek
Boating license required: Yes

Elbe tour (green, black or red route)

Cross the Breilingsee and sail directly to the Havelsee. From there, the route takes you through the Westhavelland National Park to the city of Havelburg. You then follow the river the Elbe, which will pass through various idyllic villages until you finally end up in the beautiful historic city of Magdeburg. From here, you can sail back to Brandenburg via the Elbe-Havel Canal. This channel ends in the beautiful Wendsee, which is close to Brandenburg.

Time needed: Midweek (green route), week (green and red)
License required: Yes

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